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Rental Application

To apply for a rental with The Bearse Team in Las Sendas or the East Valley please fill out this application.

Please fill out below rental application. Each resident over 18 years old needs to fill this form out separatel. 


Your Info:
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Date of Birth
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Are You Employed? *
Desired Move-In Date: *
Desired Move-In Date:
This date is concrete. Changing desired move-in date after application acceptance will place application back into review and may not be accepted again.
Every person over 18 years old who will living in the desired rental will need to fill out a seperate application.
If Employed:
Otherwise please skip to "if unemployed"
Start Date
Start Date
If Unemployed:
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Please explain your current situation.
Residence History
Your Current Residence Is: *
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Please do not forget Age or Relationship!
Breed / Age / Weight Required. If no pets please write in "NO PETS". Service pets do not count as pets - but we do require proper documentation.
Friends and Family carry less weight than professional colleagues. More references may be requested if only friends are listed.
Vehicle Information
Credit & Background history
Have you ever been evicted? *
Has a notice of eviction ever been filed against you? *
Have you ever declared bankruptcy? *
Have you had two or more late rental payments in the past year? *
Have you ever willfully or intentionally refused to pay rent when due? *
Do you currently owe any monies to an apartment community or landlord? *
Do you use illegal drugs? *
Have you ever engaged in the distribution or sale of illegal drugs? *
Have you ever been convicted, arrested or charged with any crime? *
Do you have any outstanding warrants or anticipate any warrants for arrest? *
Have you or anyone in your household had, or do you presently have, bed bugs or other pest issues? *
I hereby authorize and instruct Owner/Broker/Property Manger to investigate the information supplied by me and to conduct inquires concerning my income, credit and character for the purpose of verifying and qualifying for this rental and any renewals thereof. I further authorize the release of any and all information available from any reference, former owners, and credit reporting services, department of motor vehicles, and governmental agencies. I hereby release and hold harmless all parties from liability for any damages that may result from furnishing this information to its owners, its agents and others. *
Applicant acknowledges that Owner/Broker/Property Manager may not be able to complete a comprehensive evaluation of this information prior to move-in. Owner/Broker/Property Manager reserves the right to verify application information after move-in and may convert the proposed Lease Agreement to a month-to-month term or declare the lease irreparably breached and seek immediate eviction if false or misleading information is contained in this Application. *
By clicking "Submit" below, I acknowledge and accept the qualifying criteria and policies of the Owner/Broker/Property Manager by which my application will be approved. *
Realtor Info
Who is the Realtor representing you?
Realtor Phone Number:
Realtor Phone Number:
REALTOR COMPENSATION & APPLICATION COMPLETION: If represented by a Realtor, you must deliver SIGNED AGENCY as part of the application for this application to be considered "COMPLETE". Send to . By clicking "Submit" below you acknowledge and accept these terms. *