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Market Update

A market update for Las Sendas, North East Mesa, and East Valley residents who want to keep an eye on the market!

Canadians Selling...No Surprise! February 16

Larry Bearse

February 16 - Among the 22,744 active listings (including UCB and CCBS) in Maricopa County, there are currently 659 that have a Canadian address for their tax bill. This represents almost 3% of homes for sale, even though Canadian owned homes represent only 1.5% of the total single family and condo homes that exist in the county. We can conclude that Canadians are twice as likely to be listing their home for sale as non-Canadians.

This time last year there were only 267 Canadian owned properties listed for sale out of 23,167. This represented 1.2% of homes for sale. So last year Canadians were less likely to be selling their homes in Maricopa County than non-Canadians.

To see one of the reasons why the situation has changed so dramatically see the chart below: