How Important Are Online Listing Photos?

The Morning Ritual

My morning ritual is to review all new listings that come up in the East Valley.  I manually go through every listing that morning in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Apache Junction – you name it and I see it. 

I am looking for new home sales for our current buyers in waiting and to keep an eye out for competing home sales for our current sellers. Being market knowledgeable in the East Valley is essential to providing the great service The Bearse Team provides. 

While this study session is indeed hard work – there is some fun moments. Some of the Real Estate photos online just blow my mind!

I think to myself..


What Not To Do: 

  • Photos are 2×2… inches. You can’t see anything
  • Fish eye photos are unprofessional. Wide angle photography is important – but the photos should not literally be fish eye photos.
  • Unlabeled photos. Where was the photo taken? Buyers want to know!
  • Selfies in bathroom mirrors!
  • Dogs running through the photos!

Then there is the literal trash, personal belongs, cluttered counter tops, bathrooms, garbage cans, toilet cleaners and fridges loaded with magnets!

Then there’s the worst of the worst. I have to bring a team member over to my desk and ask, “what could that be?!”. All funny at first – but this is very serious! The first thing any buyer sees online is the photos – they are going to either make or break the biggest asset you have.

The Bearse Team Difference

The Bearse team takes professional photos. Diane meets every photographer at the photo shoot. The Bearse team arrives early and stages every single home.

The photos are clearly labeled and in a flow, that walks a buyer through your home. Your home is presented in the best way possible to get top dollar!Call us The Bearse Team – family owned and run – 3 full time Realtors and let us show you how This will be The Best Move You Ever Make!

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